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OpenAi unveiled a tiered system for measuring an AI model’s intellectual complexity

An important benchmark to start this blog … OpenAi unveiled a tiered system for measuring an AI model’s intellectual complexity. Here’s how it broke things down: Level 1: Chatbots, AI with conversational language Level 2: Reasoners, Human-level problem solving Level 3: Agents, Systems that can take actions Level 4: Innovators, AI that can aid in invention Level 5: Organizations, AI that can do...

Styled with Moto – Razr50

Unlike for Toys-r-us, this time it could wait till Tuesday … Motorola launched its ‘Styled By Moto’ ad campaign, an entirely AI-generated fashion spot promoting its new line of Razr folding smartphones — created using nine different AI tools, including Sora and Midjourney. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSfw_NjqQ2o So, now we have two big brands using AI generated videos for...

Midjourney – Roman Empire: Restored Footage concept

Let’s start with something very very interesting. Like some of us, other avid AI users combine various tools to create magical moments. This creator used Midjourney to first create some images and then used those images with Luma’s AI Dream Machine to create a superb 48-second Roman Empire Restored footage which is getting a lot of rave comments,...

ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free

This week, let me start with a good tip for making consistent small cartoon videos. ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free on Hugging Face, that allows you to do it.
The simple steps are:
1. Go to – https://huggingface.co/spaces/Doubiiu/tooncrafter
2. Upload two keyframe images (a starting and an ending one). For better results, these images should be of the same character or scene with slight variations.
3. Describe the action in the prompt field.
4. Adjust settings to your liking and click “Generate” to create your video. Get consistent short videos from just two keyframe images.

LUMA AI – Dream Machine

The AI industry’s pace is unbelievable, a few weeks ago, SORA impressed us, but they did not give access to the public. Last week KLING was announced, and their video outputs seemed better than SORA, but they gave access only in China. And now, Luma Labs just launched the Dream Machine, https://lumalabs.ai/dream-machine , a new AI model that...

Perplexity has launched a new feature

Let’s start with Perplexity, one of my favourite Search/Answer/Task engine.
Perplexity has launched a new feature called PAGES that will generate a customizable webpage based on user prompts. It is like getting a report in the format you desire. So now you can do all your research therein and get it in a ready to email/present form.

Unveiling Dubai’s Potential: How an Instagram Marketing Agency Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Picture this: You're a business owner in Dubai, a city where ambition and innovation collide. You know Instagram is a powerhouse for brands, but with endless scrolling content, how do you make yours stand out?  Imagine captivating visuals that resonate with Dubai's unique audience, sparking conversations and driving real results. This is the magic that a Dubai-based...

Conquer Dubai’s Instagram Market: A Guide for Businesses

Picture this: You're scrolling through Instagram, bombarded with generic posts. Suddenly, a visually stunning image stops you cold. It's relevant, engaging, and speaks directly to your interests. This, my friend, is the power of effective Instagram marketing, especially in a thriving market like Dubai.   According to [a source like Social Media Today], a whopping 80% of Instagram users...