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snapchat marketing agency dubai

Snapchat Advertising is for you

if your brand lends itself to

creative interaction and engagement.

Different social media platforms have different strengths and appeal to different audiences. Take the case of Snapchat. If you have a product or service that appeals to teens, youth, Millennials, or young women, you might be able to get good results from Snapchat. Snapchat users are typically 13-35 years old, and it has significantly more women users (70% users are women).

If your brand lends itself to interaction and engagement in a fun and creative manner, using Snapchat and taking advantage of its large range of filters and lenses can create lasting awareness and engagement with your target audience. Snapchat users are quite active on the platform and spend an average of 30 minutes on it daily. They also create over 3 billion videos and view more than 10 billion videos on the platform every day. Those are impressive engagement metrics by any standard.

So, depending on the nature of your business, and your target audience demographics, Snapchat marketing could be valuable for you.

Why Snapchat marketing?

Besides the above-mentioned aspects of the concentration of an audience demographic and high engagement metrics, Snapchat marketing also offers the following other benefits:

  • Lesser competition – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have extremely high competition, which can sometimes make it difficult for brands to be seen and heard through the clutter. In comparison, Snapchat has relatively lesser competition, making it easier for your brand to get visibility and interaction
  • Creativity – Because of many unique features that Snapchat has, it lends itself to a lot of creativity and that provides potential for virality, high engagement, and lasting recall
  • Connected – Most users and brands on Snapchat work with simple photographs and creatives, not high-end professional shots/ videos, making their brand closer, more authentic and connected to their target audience
snapchat management agency dubai

Our top 3 quotes on Snapchat advertising:

“If you do anything at all different on Snapchat, make the focus around storytelling. And if you want to take that one step further, allow others to tell that story for you.”

Carlos Gil 

“It’s sharing that lives in the moment and stays in the moment.”

Kelsey L. Jones

“We think it’s weird when brands try to act like your pal. I think there’s some nuance — I think it’s very important to be friendly, but not a buddy.”

Evan Spiegel

What marketing objectives can be achieved via Snapchat ads?

Somewhat like Google, Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat ads too can be used to achieve a variety of goals. Choice of ad campaign type is determined by the desired marketing objective.

Awareness Consideration Conversions
Branding App Installs App Conversions
App Traffic Catalog Sales
Engagement Website Conversions
Lead Generation
Video Views
Website Traffic
What are the different Snapchat ad types?

There are many different ad formats offered by Snapchat. You can choose the ad type that works well with your campaign objective or use a combination of ad types to enable A/B testing and derive better overall results.

The different Snapchat ads are:

  • Snap Ads – allow you to take people to your website, app, video, AR Lens, or app store page. These could be in the form of images or videos.
  • Collection Ads – allow you to display a series of products making it easy for people to click and purchase. The creative media used can be videos and/ or images.
  • Story Ads – allow you to show a series of snaps within the “Discover” section of the app.
    These could be in the form of images or videos.
  • AR Lenses – allow you to create fun, engaging and interactive moments using Augmented Reality, which can also be shared; Lenses can be face lenses (i.e. those that add work on your face using the forward or selfie camera) or world lenses (those that work on the world around you using your rear camera).
  • Filters – allow you to add on a creative overlay to your photos and videos. Business filters can be images only. Filters can be on-demand filters (those that show up within a specified geofence or location and are purchased for a defined period) or filters in ad manager (filters that can be run as ads to a wider audience, based on geography and audience you define).
  • Commercials – allow you to increase brand awareness via 6 second, non-skippable video ads.

How to choose the appropriate Snapchat advertising campaign type?

The choice of campaign type needs to be done wisely, as it affects costs and the return on your investment. Some campaign types such as Conversions, Catalog Sales and Lead Generation campaigns are much more expensive if you want to reach a very wide audience. If a wide reach is your objective, an Awareness campaign might be better.

It is therefore imperative that your Snapchat marketing agency takes the time to understand your business and objectives before proposing a solution.


Why choose Gr8 Services as your Snapchat advertising agency

  • We strive to understand your business and objectives and then propose solutions that would work for your business and help to attain your objectives.
  • Our proven results speak for themselves.
  • We have in-house design capabilities for the social media creatives needed; end-to-end campaign management is in-house, and we do not outsource any aspect thereof.
  • We are passionate about the campaigns we run and the results we deliver – we constantly optimize, test, assess and adapt our campaigns to achieve the best results possible.
  • We are hugely analytics-driven; along with reviewing Snapchat metrics, we also enable end-to-end tracking in Google Analytics of your social campaigns to get more detailed insights based on which we can evaluate performance and ROI, and determine actions needed.
  • We do not restrict ourselves to advice on just the social campaigns, we act as overall business consultants and will constantly advise you on overall business matters – strategy, marketing, competition, trends, etc.
  • We keep an active eye on competition and global trends in your business and keep you updated thereon.
  • We keep ourselves abreast of the changes in social media platforms and best practices via regular training and subscriptions, so we are always current and can implement the best and latest in your campaigns.
  • You will get a dedicated Account manager to be your regular point-of-contact, and there will constant supervision, direction, and strategizing by the senior management.
  • You will find us to be in regular communication, always approachable, and constantly rethinking and innovating for your social campaigns.
Snapchat advertising costs

Our costs for Snapchat ads management are based on various factors:

  • The Snapchat ads strategy/ formats to be used – Snap Ads/ Stories/ Lenses/ Filters
  • Whether it includes creative production (images/ videos/ lenses), and the type of videos/ lenses to be produced
  • Frequency of content posting and creative refresh
  • Number of products/ services to be promoted
  • Advertising languages
  • Target geographies
  • Objectives from social media advertising – awareness/ lead generation/ traffic/ sales or a mix of one or more of these goals

It is for this reason that we do not have standard packages, as the social media management plan for each business is customized after discussions and the specific needs of the business.

In addition to the above factors that determine our fees, you will also need an ad budget that will be payable to Snapchat. Without an appropriate ad budget, the content created will have a very limited reach. The ad budget could either be determined by you based on what you wish to spend, or it can be recommended by us based on some of the factors outlined above.

As a ballpark, for running Snap Ads in 1 language, for one geography (Dubai), and 1 product/ service, plus on-demand geofilters over an area of 20,000 sq ft, you would need a minimum monthly budget of AED 7,000 p.m., including ad budget, our fees for ad management, and standard creative design.

Besides Snapchat advertising, we provide the full range of digital marketing services.

Explore our range of digital marketing services
Ask Questions to Snapchat Marketing Agency in Dubai

Can we do marketing on Snapchat?

Absolutely, Snapchat offers unique marketing opportunities targeting a younger audience. To optimize your strategy on the platform, consider partnering with a Snapchat marketing agency for tailored campaigns and insights.


Where can I advertise Snapchat?

To effectively advertise on Snapchat, utilize its ad manager for various ad formats or collaborate with a Snapchat marketing agency to craft and manage tailored campaigns that resonate with the platform’s audience.


How do I market my Snapchat for business?

To effectively market your business on Snapchat, create engaging content tailored for the platform’s demographics and collaborate with a Snapchat marketing agency for strategic insights and campaign optimization.


Is Snapchat marketing popular in UAE?

Snapchat marketing has gained traction in the UAE, especially among younger demographics. Engaging with a Snapchat marketing agency familiar with the UAE market can amplify your brand’s presence and relevance on the platform.


Is Snapchat marketing worth it?

Snapchat marketing can be highly effective for targeting a younger, engaged audience. Leveraging a Snapchat marketing agency’s expertise ensures tailored strategies that maximize reach and ROI on the platform.

Gr8 Services – Agency of WSI

We, Gr8 Services, based in JLT, Dubai, are the agency of WSI for the UAE and the larger GCC region. Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI is the world’s oldest and largest digital marketing agency with 1000+ offices across 80+ countries.

WSI has the largest global footprint of any Google partner, and has global alliances with the who’s-who in the world of digital marketing. WSI has pioneered innovative methodologies for marketing success in today’s digital world and has thrived on the performance and results delivered. A spate of global awards are the recognition of those results – including the Top Agency Award by WMA (Web Marketing Association) for 2019 & 2020.

WSI always customizes their digital strategies to the specific needs of their clients and spends time and effort understanding the client’s business. With WSI, you get the benefit of global experience that is adapted to the local markets. WSI’s promise is that we will never recommend a marketing service that does not contribute to your business growth.