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kappa interactive video platform

unrolling the future of videos

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unrolling the future of videos

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interactive videos platform

Kappa Platform

Making your audience interact with the brand – the way they want to

The current video ads ...

It is a well-known fact that savvy marketers prefer videos to communicate effectively with their customers. But videos are a one-way linear communication medium, and that means your customers must only see what you want to show in those 6, 15, 30 sec or more. They have no other choice. Of course, they may not consciously view the ad at all. So, while we may report that the ad has viewership, the ACTUAL engagement with the brand could be very low.

The marketer's dilemma ...

As a marketer, have you too wrestled with the thought that:

Some of your customers may need to see the features of the product to be convinced,
While some may want to see testimonials,
Others may want to see the special offers, and
Yet others may want to see something else before considering the brand

How do you make videos more effective? How do you ensure that every campaign delivers more and beyond the normal awareness parameters? How do you map the ever-changing user behaviour? How do you make corrections in ongoing campaigns immediately?

Kappa's premise ...

Kappa is changing video ads for ever, and promises to:

1. Shorten the sales cycle and grow your business.
2. Turn communication into revenue.
3. Transform your digital ads into brand beacons and points of sale.
4. Convert consumer attention to brand action and commerce.
5. Collect never seen before granular data on user behaviour and choices, not just views!

In a nutshell – our technology Kappa makes videos interactive and adds choices for the user thus expanding the audio-visual experience.


For your brand … what would allow you to have multiple communication streams to effectively cater to your customers at various points of their buying cycle – all at the same time?

The answer is Kappa

So, if you need to build brand awareness, or drive sales, or increase loyalty, the Kappa platform is all that you need. See Kappa in Action.

You can benefit in 3 ways:

customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

enriched customer journeys

Enriched Customer Journeys

increasing transactions

Increasing Transactions

Kappa’s delivery and performance has been proven across the various campaigns already executed. Ask for the Kappa demo now


See how major brands are already using this technology

Award-winning campaign

Award-winning campaign

Testimonial by Sam Thomas | Head of Digital, OMD India

We leveraged Kappa technology to convert consumer attention into effective brand actions for the Mercedes GLE campaign. Kappa technology assisted in transforming an existing brand asset into an interactive video enabling audiences to make “interest-led” choices in a real-time environment. Kappa Technology helped us deliver a 13.2% engagement on all impressions served with an average time spent of 22.5 seconds. Moreover, 20% of the engaged audience completed the journey and helped us achieve our marketing goals.

Testimonial by Chirag Chandiramani | AVP Client Operations, Merkle Sokrati

Canon as a brand holds the highest prestige in delighting its customers with every brand experience and engagement. With the launch of the EOS R5 and EOS R6, the task at hand was to effectively communicate key aspects of the camera, as per different users’ research needs, in their consideration journey. In partnership with Hyperstate, we were able to orchestrate a first-of-its-kind kind experience for consumers, within the category, along with value and intent creation in the process.

Testimonial by Kapil Makhija | Chief Manager, Digital Lending, Retail Assets, ICICI Bank

The Kappa technology is indeed one of a kind. We can now know how effective our marking campaigns are.

Testimonial by Subhadra Vaidhyanathan | Senior VP, Digital Marketing & Business, HDFC Bank

The Kappa team understands your requirement and reverts with a solution with a quick turnaround time. Its a pleasure working with them.

Testimonial by Sunita Prakash | Senior Vice President, Taproot Dentsu & Dentsu One

Kappa is a business solution that delivers to a brand’s marketing goals. It can integrate multiple pieces of content in a flow, that works for each level of the marketing funnel. And all in a single ad unit, with the choice of flow left to the consumer as per his consumer journey stage.

Thus it delivers highly engaged audiences, maximizing their buying intent which in turn impacts several Brand KPIs, including sales. Not only that, each journey, each action is tracked and consumer insights from here form the comms strategy for the next phase.


Kappa allows you to have multiple videos on a single screen, and lets your customer decide their journey.
Kappa makes interactive videos simple. Sounds like marketing utopia! Yes, it is true.

The Kappa platform allows interactive videos like never seen before.

This interactive video platform picks up from the video, super charges it to make it more meaningful and impactful.


1. Beyond videos
Kappa expands the audio-visual experience by adding the choices and interactions to the story. This allows your customers to move unhindered through the purchase funnel with themselves in control. It puts video on steroids.

2. Multi-stream experience
Kappa allows you to switch between multiple videos or other media files seamlessly. Optimised for zero wait time.

3. New attention vehicle
Kappa interactive video marketing program allows you craft never seen before ad units that deliver the marketing goals impressively. One size need not fit all. Kappa helps break the banner blindness.

4. Integrated commerce & instant checkout
Using Kappa, you can add product catalogues to the experience to enable add to cart functionality. You can trigger the impulse buying behaviour, making this the best interactive video marketing program.

5. Consumption path mapping
Kappa uncovers insights from interaction patterns. A superb real-time analytics dashboard gives data to fine tune the communication plan.

6. Smooth operations
Kappa is built for speed and scale, leading to faster success and adoption cycles.


Top 3 quotes on Video Advertising

“Video can seem like just another challenge to overcome, but I see a major increase in my business and brand awareness, all from the power of video.”

Lewis Howes

“The beauty is [that] as companies get better and better with video, they’re also making sales in the process. This is what smart business and marketing is all about.”

Marcus Sheridan

“Video marketing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to create a multiple six-figure business online.”

Katie Freiling

Kappa Platform and Gr8 Services –

an unbeatable combination

Kappa is an amazing solution developed by Hyperstate Technologies.

More information on the company can be gleaned from Hyperstate Technologies on LinkedIn.

Kappa is being presented and supported in the region by us at Gr8 Services, an effective marketing agency in the digital world. We have been successfully active in the region since 2013.

Gr8 Services – Agency of WSI

We, Gr8 Services, are the agency of WSI for the UAE and the larger GCC region. Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI is the world’s oldest and largest digital marketing agency with 1000+ offices across 80+ countries.

WSI has the largest global footprint of any Google partner, and has global alliances with the who’s-who in the world of digital marketing. WSI has pioneered innovative methodologies for marketing success in today’s digital world and has thrived on the performance and results delivered. A spate of global awards are the recognition of those results – including the Top Agency Award by WMA (Web Marketing Association) for 2019 & 2020.

WSI always customizes their digital strategies to the specific needs of their clients and spends time and effort understanding the client’s business. With WSI, you get the benefit of global experience that is adapted to the local markets. WSI’s promise is that we will never recommend a marketing service that does not contribute to your business growth.