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search engine marketing agency dubai

Paid Search Advertising is among

the most effective forms

of “inbound marketing”.

Paid Search advertising, or Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) works because it immediately makes your business visible when your prospective customer is searching for your brand/ product/ service.

It is also colloquially referred to as PPC ads, or  Google Adwords. These are text ads that show up on Google, or other search engines, in response to a user’s query or search term. Since you get charged only when a user clicks on your ad, hence the name “pay-per-click” or “PPC” advertising.

Along with SEO, this form of advertising benefits from the highest customer intent and is therefore most effective in getting the right audience to your website and having the shortest funnel to converting a prospect into a lead.

Isn’t every PPC advertising agency the same?

Absolutely not. Just like every car is a car, but not the same car, so every PPC advertising campaign is not the same as any other PPC campaign, and every PPC agency is not the same. On the contrary, every car that is fueled and working, can be expected to take you to your destination, but that’s not the case with every PPC campaign. A well-executed PPC advertising campaign will deliver you the ROI on your ad spend, while a poor or mediocre campaign is likely to lead you to lose money.

We sometimes hear from prospective clients that they have tried PPC advertising (either by themselves or via another PPC advertising agency), and it hasn’t yielded results. And it’s almost always only because the campaigns were not well managed.

And that’s where we make a difference with our PPC advertising.

google advertising agency

Our top 3 quotes on PPC advertising:

“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”

Amrita Sahasrabudhe

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.”

Neil Patel

“Design like you are absolutely right, then optimize like you were wrong from the start.”

Jordie van Rijn

What makes an effective PPC campaign?
  • Accurate keyword research – including, very importantly, detailed negative keyword research to minimize wasted clicks.
  • High quality, high impact ad copy – with minimum of 3 ads per ad group – to enable A/B testing.
  • Structure of the campaign, ad groups and keywords per ad group – it could affect how often ads are shown, how the budget gets allocated across ad groups, and more.
  • Choice of bid strategy – do automated bid strategies always work better, or should you opt for manual bidding? If choosing an automated bid strategy, how do you decide which to choose? These decisions directly impact your cost-per-click and cost-per-lead.
  • Landing page design and impact – almost always overlooked, the importance of the landing page can’t be over-emphasized.
  • Conversion tracking – if you don’t know what’s happening, how can you optimize? It’s not just forms, but phone calls, WhatsApp inquiries, emails – all need to be tracked. You’ve got to tie it in to results.
  • Analytics – Besides conversion tracking, it’s critical that the PPC campaigns are linked to Google Analytics and the additional insights and audience creation possibilities offered by Google Analytics are used to understand and augment campaign performance and actions needed. Most PPC companies do not pay attention to this.
  • Ongoing optimization and review – Again, this is something most often not undertaken by PPC agencies the way it should be. It can’t be a make-once-leave-forever approach. You’ve got to constantly keep evaluating even those things that are working to try alternate, new strategies to see if something else might work better. You need to see the results in a holistic manner, tie them up to your growth framework, analyze the data from various angles and using various metrics beyond the most common metrics of CTR & CPC. The cycle of – plan, implement, evaluate, amend, plan, implement, ….. – needs to continue in perpetuity.

PPC Advertising via Gr8 Services

Our agency is Google Certified for Paid Search Advertising. Reports from Google regarding our PPC campaigns performance vs industry performance show that we consistently outperform our peers in all key search advertising metrics – CTR, conversion rates, and cost per lead.

Over the years, we have truly honed our skills in PPC advertising, and are confident in our ability to provide you results that are second to none.

Here are some broad benchmarks to give you an idea of how we outperform the industry for paid search marketing:

Global average conversion rate for paid search (as per WordStream – Aug 2019 report): 4.40%

Gr8 Services average conversion rate for paid search (across all clients – Jan-Sep 2019 average): 6.75%

Gr8 Services vs Global average: 153%

Global average cost per conversion for paid search (as per WordStream – Aug 2019 report): $56.11 / AED 206.09

Gr8 Services cost per conversion for paid search (across all clients – Jan-Sep 2019 average): $34.15 / AED 112.53

Gr8 Services vs Global average: – 46%

Note: We have used global averages as similar data is not available at Dubai / UAE / Middle East level

With keen attention to every aspect of the search campaigns and going beyond and giving actionable insights to accelerate growth, our clients have seen the impact of what we’ve delivered for them.

So, if you are looking for a PPC advertising agency that can deliver you the right ROI on your ad spend, do get in touch with us.

Our clients have seen ROI on their PPC campaigns ranging from 5X to 26X of their ad spend.

Check out our PPC advertising Case Studies
PPC costs and charges

Our PPC management fees have 3 components:

  1. Monthly Ad Budget – which goes directly to Google – based on number of clicks received and the cost per click. We strongly encourage that you use your corporate credit card for these costs, in which case you will have the direct billing with Google, and these would not be payable to us.
  2. Monthly Management Fee – our monthly fee for the ongoing optimization and management of your campaigns
  3. One-Time Set Up Fee – Besides the above two charges which are ongoing, we also charge a one-time set up fee, which covers our extensive efforts in setting up the campaign, including keyword research, competitor ads review, ad copy creation, review of landing pages, and implementation of conversion tracking codes.

Our fees are quoted based on a complete assessment of work involved which depends on the number of products/ product groups/ services to be promoted, languages, geography, and other relevant factors. The recommended ad budget is estimated based on potential volume of clicks and the expected cost per click, or limited to the ad budget you choose to start with.

The minimum ad budget required is AED 5,000 per month. Our fees will be additional to the ad budget.

Besides paid search advertising, we provide the full range of digital marketing services.

Explore our range of digital marketing services

Gr8 Services – Agency of WSI

We, Gr8 Services, based in JLT, Dubai, are the agency of WSI for the UAE and the larger GCC region. Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI is the world’s oldest and largest digital marketing agency with 1000+ offices across 80+ countries.

WSI has the largest global footprint of any Google partner, and has global alliances with the who’s-who in the world of digital marketing. WSI has pioneered innovative methodologies for marketing success in today’s digital world and has thrived on the performance and results delivered. A spate of global awards are the recognition of those results – including the Top Agency Award by WMA (Web Marketing Association) for 2019 & 2020.

WSI always customizes their digital strategies to the specific needs of their clients and spends time and effort understanding the client’s business. With WSI, you get the benefit of global experience that is adapted to the local markets. WSI’s promise is that we will never recommend a marketing service that does not contribute to your business growth.