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PassPro is a top second citizenship by investment advisory firm.

They had newly started in the second citizenship by investment business, had just set up their website, started doing social content in-house, and were looking to increase leads from high net worth individuals via PPC from markets outside UAE, specifically starting with Kuwait as a test market with us.

  • Since PassPro offered various citizenship programs, and had individual pages on their website for each of those programs, we suggested that we create a very concise landing page that lays out very briefly and clearly why a person should invest in a second citizenship i.e. the benefits, how much it is likely to cost, what are the investment options, the programs available, and finally the reason for choosing PassPro. Besides the usual CTAs being the contact form, call and email icons, we also created a “Request Call Back” form with just 2 fields (phone & email) besides the name.
  • The PassPro management agreed that the page stay simple and details would be explained in a telephonic or face-to-face consultation, as there are lots of aspects to consider before making such an investment decision.
  • We also assessed that there was significant competiton from a large number of global players in the field for English campaigns, and correspondingly very high CPCs, so we recommended that we run Arabic campaigns too and make that our strategic focus, to which the PassPro management agreed. We therefore agreed that we make separate EN & AR landing pages.
  • Having finalized the wireframe of the landing page, and then developed it, it was time to test it with the PPC campaigns.
  • We had an initial mandate from PassPro for a test campaign for 3 months in Kuwait, with a small campaign budget of AED 20,000 which was allocated to include creation of the landing pages in English & Arabic, PPC ad budget for the EN & AR campaigns for 3 months , and our ad management fee for 3 months for both language campaigns. It was agreed that any extension would be based on results achieved.

Within the first month itself, PassPro recorded 25 leads from a small ad spend of just under AED 3,000. Not surprisingly, most of the leads came from the Arabic campaigns. They were so happy with the results that the initial plan to run this campaign with a small budget only in Kuwait for 3 months was changed. From the very next month, the ad budget was tripled and 2 additional markets were added.

Within a period of 12 months, with the PPC campaigns continuing to deliver great results, the management had extended the campaigns to 15+ markets, with corresponding increase in ad spend. Each time a new market was added, the results achieved in that market were separately tracked and analyzed, and if any market/s did not deliver the expected results/ ROI, those campaigns were paused and the budgets allocated to newer markets or the existing better performing ones.

ROI from PPC campaigns:
2600% or 26X of PPC investment

What PassPro said about our services

Working with Gr8 Services is always an incredibly productive and satisfying experience. The team always gets the brief from the get go, and any parameters and considerations that need to kept in mind – whether operational or budgetary – are grasped in a single sitting, retained for the entire period of the project and extending to future projects; I have never felt the need to constantly remind the team of our objectives and brand culture – something incredibly valuable when working with an agency over multiple channels. I have worked extensively with the team, especially Pooja and Haider, to develop digital marketing campaigns, web pages, landing pages and social media content and have always been impressed with the considered advice given and the speed and attention to detail with which plans are executed. Quotes are clear and timelines are always adhered to – having this level of reliable support is invaluable when attempting to push content and marketing activities forward. Campaigns are tweaked quickly and effectively to maximise ROI, the team always takes responsibility for each activity they are tasked with, they do not need to be chased and work in an incredibly ethical manner. The service and support we receive always goes beyond what is expected and I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Gr8 Services to anyone looking for a fantastic digital marketing partner to support their business objectives.

Radhina Almeida Coutinho
Director of Communication, PassPro Immigration Services