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MyRide.ae Middle East


MyRide entered the business of luxury car rental in Dubai in early 2018. They are an aggregator of luxury cars from other car rental companies and take on the mantle of advertising, delivery, customer servicing, and providing an online luxury car booking solution.

To grow their start-up business, they approached us for PPC advertising.

  • Having studied and analyzed their business, the multiple car brands that MyRide offers – with and without chauffeur service, we determined the best way to structure their PPC campaigns, which we believed would be a core factor in the campaign performance.
  • Based on that assessment, the campaigns and ad groups were structured and keywords identified.
  • Selection of negative keywords was also done meticulously to avoid wasted ad spend.
  • Additionally, all the unique benefits of hiring a car from MyRide were ascertained, and were skillfully included in the ad copies. Each ad group had multiple ad copies to enable A/B testing.

As we had rightly assessed during our PPC strategy session prior to campaign commencement, the campaign/ ad group structure became the core factor behind the campaign success.

The well-thought out structure of the campaigns, and the differentiated ad copies for each ad group gave us some of the highest CTRs for search campaigns – @ nearly 20%.

We also achieved extremely high conversion rates @12%+ for many key ad groups and 10.9% for all search campaigns combined.

Given the success of the campaigns, MyRide steadily increased the monthly PPC ad budget to 7X of the initially approved ad budget over a period of 18 months.

ROI from PPC campaigns :
8X of PPC investment
Our Conversion Rates (CVR) vs Industry Benchmark:
10.9% vs 3.55%
Our Click Through Rates (CTR) vs Industry Benchmark:
21.1% vs 4.68%

What MyRide.ae said about our services

Myride.ae started its journey with a partnership with Gr8 Services, 2 years after the journey we are one of the biggest names in the premium and luxury car rental industry in the country.
Gr8 Services plays a big role in the success story of Myride.ae and we are grateful to them and their continued service until date.

Zahid Hashim
Owner, MyRide.ae