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Cocoona Center For Aesthetic Transformation


Cocoona is a leading plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic in Dubai. Before we started working with them in 2015, they were already doing PPC and SEO with another Dubai-based digital marketing agency.

They first moved the SEO for their English website to us. Happy with our performance on SEO over a period of 2 years, they decided to move their PPC campaigns and SEO for their Arabic website also to us in 2017.

  • As with each of our PPC campaigns, we started with doing the basics right.
  • The challenge was that Cocoona numerous (30+ ) services/ procedures to be marketed and also multiple geographies in which they operated. So the scope of campaigns was huge.
  • We conducted extensive keyword research, brainstormed on the best way to set up our campaigns (considering both the services and the geographies) came up with an exhaustive list of negative keywords, wrote multiple ad copies for each service to enable A/B testing, and implemented full conversion tracking.
  • We also highlighted to the management that no other player in the field was doing PPC in Arabic, so we had a great opportunity. It was agreed with the management that the addition of the Arabic campaigns would be considered after 3 months, once they had seen the results from our English campaigns.
  • We also analyzed reports and performance of the previous agency to identify which services were doing well, had more scope for budget increase, and which services were not yielding desired conversions. We co-related that with the actual results being seen by management in terms of leads and final bookings
  • Based on this analysis, we were able to identify gaps and opportunities that could be plugged and also arrive at a better distribution of ad budget across services and markets.

The detailed analyis that we did prior to campaign commencement laid the foundation for the success of Cocoona’s PPC campaigns.

When they moved their PPC campaigns to us, Cocoona had an average cost per conversion of AED 244 and about 100 monthly leads.

Within 5 months, the number of monthly leads had increased 5X to 515 leads p.m. and the average cost per lead had fallen 68% to AED 79 per lead. These results were achieved with a 67% increase in ad spend.

To summarize, ad spend increased 67%, but leads increased 415%.

On the incremental ad spend, this translated into a 16X return.

ROI achieved from PPC campaigns (within initial 5 months):
7.6X of PPC investment vs 2.5X by previous agency
Cost savings vs previous agency to get same number of leads:
AED 424,000 (total savings over 5 months)

What Cocoona said about our services

We have been working with Pooja and Arif from the Gr8 Services team since 2016. We started working with them for SEO for one of our sites – and today they help us with SEO, Google PPC and website content for almost all our business. The biggest thing they bring on the table is the enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I really appreciate the insights and advise they provide. The value they add to Cocoona is superior and above all the marketing partners we work and have worked with.

I would not even blink before recommending them.

Ashutosh Gupta
Marketing & Sales Head, Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation