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PassPro Immigration Services


PassPro is a top second citizenship by investment advisory firm.

They had been in business for a little over a year, and we were managing PPC advertising for them. Happy with the results from the PPC campaigns, and wanting to grow the business further via other channels, we proposed social media advertising and display advertising to the PassPro management, to open push advertising channels for people who may not be aware of the service, or hadn’t been actively thinking about it.

  • The second citizenship service that PassPro offers is focused exclusively on high networth individuals (HNIs) having a minimum investible amount of USD 200,000+. As such, we knew that we would need to be very precise in the targeting criteria to avoid wasted ad spend and to deliver results.
  • We used the knowledge and insights gained from our experience with their PPC advertising, corelated it with data from Google Analytics about the audience who had converted/ not converted on our websites, and from multiple detailed qualitiative discussions with the PassPro management about their customer profile before coming up with an initial target audience.
  • Given that we were targeting HNIs only – over and above the interests, affinity, topics, and keywords based audience targeting criteria, we also restricted our display campaigns to run only on the very top-end of mobile devices.
  • All leads received were filtered through PassPro’s HubSpot lead management interface and each lead was qualified based on the PassPro team’s interaction with the prospective client. Feedback from the management regarding lead quality was regularly obtained and that information was used to optimize the targeting, ad copy, and landing page messaging.
  • Additionally, we routinely reviewed the placements/ sites/ apps where the ads were displayed, filtering out placements that weren’t performing, and adding/ trying new categories based on results, feedback, and experience gained. As newer phone models came in, the targeting on older phone models was phased out, ensuring that we continue to reach the right audience.
  • Due to the high investment required for the service, we knew that the lead time from casual website visitor to actual client would be long, and requiring continuous reinforcement. To that extent, retargeting was a crucial component of the strategy and was instrumental in delivering better results.

The display campaigns in both English and Arabic proved to be hugely successful. The continuous optimization and regular feedback loop with the management helped in the success of the campaigns.

Over a period of 6 months, PassPro recorded 1,850+ leads from the display campaigns in 4 key markets.

Of the total of 1850+ leads, 500+ leads were recorded from the remarketing campaigns.

Admittedly, despite all optimization efforts, majority of the leads still did not meet the requisite investible funds criteria, but in the overall analyis, the campaigns still delivered hugely positive ROI.

ROI from Display campaigns:
Over 600% or 6X of investment
Total leads recorded from Display campaigns:
1,850+ (over 6 months)

What PassPro said about our services

Working with Gr8 Services is always an incredibly productive and satisfying experience. The team always gets the brief from the get go, and any parameters and considerations that need to kept in mind – whether operational or budgetary – are grasped in a single sitting, retained for the entire period of the project and extending to future projects; I have never felt the need to constantly remind the team of our objectives and brand culture – something incredibly valuable when working with an agency over multiple channels. I have worked extensively with the team, especially Pooja and Haider, to develop digital marketing campaigns, web pages, landing pages and social media content and have always been impressed with the considered advice given and the speed and attention to detail with which plans are executed. Quotes are clear and timelines are always adhered to – having this level of reliable support is invaluable when attempting to push content and marketing activities forward. Campaigns are tweaked quickly and effectively to maximise ROI, the team always takes responsibility for each activity they are tasked with, they do not need to be chased and work in an incredibly ethical manner. The service and support we receive always goes beyond what is expected and I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Gr8 Services to anyone looking for a fantastic digital marketing partner to support their business objectives.

Radhina Almeida Coutinho
Director of Communication, PassPro Immigration Services