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Bab Al Mansour
Moroccan Restaurant
Snapchat Success Story


Bab Al Mansour is a highly prestigious Moroccan restaurant located in Downtown Dubai.

While the restaurant was already active on other social media channels, the management wanted to use the uniqueness of Snapchat to engage their target audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately get more footfall in the restaurant. The management was especially keen on using filters. They wanted to start with a small budget and see what Snapchat could do for them.

  • We visited the restaurant, saw the location, interiors, menu, interacted with the staff, understood about their celebrity chef, spoke to the operations and marketing teams and got a great understanding of the positioning of the restaurant, its strengths and challenges. We understood from the management that Bab Al Mansour was considered not just a restaurant, but a destination. All of this helped us to identify the right target audience for their ads.
  • With this perspective, we evaluated all the various ad formats possible in Snapchat and established that for the desired objectives of engagement and brand awareness, and based on available budgets, the best strategy would be to run Snap Ads using short, hi-impact videos and creative on-demand geofilters that would prompt creative usage by visitors to the restaurant. The geofilters would promote  sharing and interaction, thereby spreading brand awareness too.
  • The Bab Al Mansour team had some professionally shot videos and images, which we adapted for use in the 10 sec video Snap Ads that we created.
  • These Snap Ads were served to a carefully selected target audience using multiple targeting options offered by Snapchat.
  • We also designed interesting, usable and shareable filters that restaurant visitors could overlay on their images when they took pictures on Snapchat while sitting in the restaurant. The on-demand geofilters were geo-fenced to an area of 20,000 sq ft around the restaurant.

We saw phenomenal success in the usage of the on-demand geofilters.

In 4 months, the filters recorded 58K paid impressions and 1.5 Mn earned impressions. The filters were shared nearly 5,500 times with a share rate of just under 10% and an average screen time of 9.5 seconds.

These metrics were achieved on a total spend of only AED 1,500.

Additionally, the Snap Ads had CPMs that were 30 – 67% lower than industry averages.

Overall, the management achieved their twin objectives of promoting interaction with their clientele in an engaging manner via Snapchat geofilters, and increased brand awareness from both the widespread sharing of the geofilters and the precisely targeted Snap Ads.

Earned Impressions:
26X or 2569% of Shared Impressions
Average Share Rate:
Average Snap Ads CPM:
AED 7.7 vs industry average of AED 11- 23 (-30% to -67%)