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Cocoona Center For Aesthetic Transformation


Cocoona is a leading plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic in Dubai. We started working with them in 2015 with PPC in English, and the relationship grew organically over time to include PPC in Arabic, SEO for multiple websites in English & Arabic, and various other marketing support activities.

Cocoona had created a new website in 2015 just around the time we started working with them. Since mid- 2018, we began highlighting to the management that it was time to create an all-new website, as we would start to see declining SEO performance and also lower conversion rates with an older website.

In Apr 2019, the management agreed to the creation of new website and we started work on the project.

  • The project had a vast scope:
    – it was to be a bilingual website (EN & AR)
    – each language website had 150+ pages, so total of 300+ pages to be designed and developed
    – we had to write content for most pages in English (except service pages and doctor profiles)
    – undertake image search and selection
    – coordinate with the translation agency
    – design, develop, test, debug and finally take live the websiteWe carefully assessed the staff/ resources available and the time required to complete the project – this was estimated to be 10 months.
  • Since we had been working very closely with Cocoona for 4+ years before the new website project started, we had a fairly good understanding of their business, client profile, challenges, strengths, etc.We also knew the competition both locally and internationally, and had seen their websites, service offerings, etc. in the course of our regular digital marketing work. Nevertheless, before embarking on the project, we extensively studied the top international and local competition websites and took notes on what we liked/ didn’t like.We combined that with our understanding of the Cocoona website visitor/ prospective client and what he/ she would be looking for and how we could make that easy for them to find.
  • Cocoona offers a wide range of services across their 10+ departments and the then existing website had 105+ service pages, besides the other pages for doctors, departments, etc.We analyzed 3 years of Google Analytics data to know which pages were most visited/ had more time spent, and which pages/ services were least popular, so we could determine the right sitemap for the business. We shared those results with the management and determined which services should be merged/ deleted/ added. That narrowed down the planned service pages for the new website to about 80 services.Simultaneously, we also determined which pages needed new content and that action was separately initiated.
    We then proceeded to complete the sitemap.
  • With the sitemap in mind, we searched for an appropriate WordPress theme that would allow us significant customization possibilities, while also saving time and effort. We shortlisted 4-5 themes and shared with the management our preferred option, which was approved.
  • With the sitemap and theme finalized, we started working on the wireframe for every page of the new website starting with the homepage. The content for each page (besides service pages and doctor profiles) was also written along with the wireframe. The wireframe incorporated our insights from competitive analysis and our understanding of the website visitor, combined with the best principles of conversion architecture. We chose “confidence” to be the focus keyword around which we would build content and imagery for the entire website, as we felt that word best echoed what most Cocoona website visitors were looking for.
  • Once the homepage wireframe was approved, we started the homepage design. We had a free hand from the management in determining the design, the only stipulation being, of course, that Cocoona brand purple color be used in the design.
  • After brainstorming, we zeroed in on “skin tones” as the primary color range accented by the Cocoona brand purple. Since the site was to be content rich, we wanted a lot of white space to make the site look clean and promote readability of the content. With that thought, all the imagery chosen for the website – 150+ images were all chosen with clean white backgrounds and white attire, with subtle accent colors permitted. Various design iterations were tried before finalization.
  • With the homepage design final, image-by-image, word-by-word, page-by-page, language-by-language – the website took shape over 10 months.
  • After thorough responsive testing, checking for broken links, etc., we took the website live in Jan 2020.
  • While the website was in the final stages of development, we also finalized the revised SEO keywords list – both EN & AR – with the management. We wrote new title tags and meta descriptions for all the pages of the website and also completed the Alt tags.
  • Once the website went live, we completed the rest of the on-page optimization and put in place complete conversion tracking – creating separate Analytics views for the EN & AR sub-directories and also a consolidated view for the overall website.

While we knew that the new website would give improved results, we were blown away by the results.

Immediately after the website went live, we saw the jump in keyword rankings and organic traffic.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck just a month after the website went live, and obviously we saw traffic decline over Mar-Apr 2020 as complete lockdown was enforced. Once the lockdown started easing, traffic started growing despite the COVID-19 situation continuing.

SEO keyword rankings, organic traffic, conversion rates, and bounce rates – all these metrics improved significantly.

Growth in average monthly Organic Traffic - May-Aug 2020 vs May-Aug 2019:
50% or 1.5X
Growth in average monthly Organic Conversions - May-Aug 2020 vs May-Aug 2019:
82% or 1.8X
Conversion Rate:
+21% or 1.2X
Growth in average monthly Organic Traffic - May-Aug 2020 vs Sep-Dec 2019*:
137% or 2.4X
*first 4-months period of new website after lockdown easing vs last 4-months period of old website
Growth in average monthly Organic Conversions - May-Aug 2020 vs Sep-Dec 2019*:
187% or 2.8X
*first 4-months period of new website after lockdown easing vs last 4-months period of old website
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What Cocoona said about our services

We have been working with Pooja and Arif from the Gr8 Services team since 2016. We started working with them for SEO for one of our sites – and today they help us with SEO, Google PPC and website content for almost all our business. The biggest thing they bring on the table is the enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I really appreciate the insights and advise they provide. The value they add to Cocoona is superior and above all the marketing partners we work and have worked with.

I would not even blink before recommending them.

Ashutosh Gupta
Marketing & Sales Head, Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation

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