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Caltex Havoline Middle East


Havoline is the leading global brand for motor oils, lubricants, and coolants, and part of Chevron Corporation, USA.

To increase brand awareness and promote sales across the GCC region – UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain – they wished to undertake a 2-months digital marketing campaign. The entire campaign was built on the theme “Keep Going With Havoline”.

To achieve the client’s objectives, we recommended Facebook and Instagram advertising, YouTube Advertising, Google Display Network (GDN) Advertising, and contextual display advertising on “Auto” related pages of popular sites/ apps such as Gulf News, Dubizzle, Wheels magazine, etc. All campaigns were to be run in English and Arabic.

We won the campaign pitch ruling out 2 other top agencies.

  • The total campaign budget was thoughtfully allocated across the 5 geographies based on their market size, and further split among the 3 channels of Social, YouTube, & Display based on the potential of each channel.
  • The video ads for the YouTube campaigns were provided by the client. The client had videos of 60 sec length from their Head Office, but we asked for shorter, edited versions of those ads. Our plan was to focus most of the budget on non-skippable Bumper Ads of 6 sec duration, as we believed those would work best for brand awareness in this category. However, a smaller budget was also used to run ads of 15 sec, 30 sec, and 60 sec length to provide more information for those who might be interested.
  • Given that the main objective of the campaign was brand awareness, and also that nearly every car driver could be a potential Havoline customer, we targeted a wide yet well-considered audience. We also considered that it was men who were more likely to be decision makers on this product category, and with that in mind, a larger portion of the budget was used for reaching out to male audiences.
  • Ads were targeted to audience interested in automotive related topics and interests, and also popular content such as news, sports, etc. Affinity and custom audiences were also created using a variety of targeting options.
  • Since the campaign was an awareness one, we did not expect too much traffic to the website. Nonetheless, we ran remarketing campaigns for those few people who were interested in the product and had spent time on the website, so we could reinforce the brand to that interested audience.

The YouTube campaigns exceeded the plan and generated wide recall. The client recorded a marked increase in business volume during the campaign period and its aftermath.

Both impressions and views exceeded the plan.

Just under 5Mn total impressions were recorded with 4.6 Mn total views, including 4.1 Mn impressions/ views from the Bumper Ads.

The In-stream YouTube ads had a very high view rate of 51%.

A phenomenal total video ads watch time of 41.2 Mn seconds was recorded over the 2 month campaign period.

Impressions - Actual vs Plan :
Views - Actual vs Plan :
Total Video Watch Time (over 2 months) :
11,452 hours