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Little Bangkok is UAE’s most liked Thai restaurant, with 7 branches across Dubai.

We have been a part of the success story of Little Bangkok from the time there was just 1 branch, and together we have come a long way.

We manage all their marketing and design efforts and work as one with their management and operations teams.

Besides social media which undoubtedly has been a contributing factor to their success and popularity, we also develop and manage their websites, run Google search, display and YouTube ads, do all creative design (including menus, posters, placemats, screen designs), and act as a business growth and strategy consultant.

  • Little Bangkok’s Social Media strategy has been simple yet remarkably effective – select media channels carefully, and then dominate it to lead the industry vertical..
  • Hard work and constant evaluation of the media insights and better understanding of our customers allowed us to determine what works well and what does not.
  • Focussing correctly and constantly trying out new types of posts, have enabled the brand to evolve as the best in its category.
  • Post weightage, content, images vs videos, colours, script, all have been fine tuned and are constantly evaluated to ensure no slackness creeps in.
  • The ads targeting and strategy is carefully considered incorporating knowledge and analysis of user behaviour, demographics, focus locations, etc. so as to ensure the most effective return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • We closely and constantly monitor competition and the overall F&B industry, not just locally, but globally, to stay abreast of developments and implement best practices in social media management and advertising.
  • We complement social media effectively and strategically with other channels – radio ads, SMS campaigns, email campaigns, YouTube ads, display ads, and paid search ads, and ensure consistency of brand image across all channels.
  • We are on-top with community management, responding to customer comments, complaints, and requests in a timely and professional manner.
  • Weekly meetings with the management and very close interaction on regular basis with the client operations team has ensured we work as one to deliver success.

Little Bangkok has grown to 7 branches, a central kitchen that manages the chain and manufactures different food items for the retail and wholesale food industry, and has also become the largest supplier of Dim Sum in UAE.

The overall growth across the 7 outlets has been linear, overcoming their respective challenges and increasing the collective brand equity.

We have rightfully donned the mantle of “Most Liked Thai Restaurant in UAE” with an active and engaged social media follower base higher than any other competitor. ِِِِAs of 30 Sep 2020, Little Bangkok has an FB fan base of 95.8K followers, which is 7X of their next highest competitor which has 13.1K followers.

Social media engagement rates are best-in-class.

Footfall has been regularly growing, reviews from diners have improved the rating of the restaurants, promotional activities, and loyalty programs are highly appreciated. Tactical tie-ups with allied organizations have added to the brand’s equity.


Organic Growth in Followers - Jan 2014 to Sep 2020:
1249% (95,800 as of Sep 2020 vs 7,100 as of Jan 2014)
Engagement Rate (on Reach) vs Industry Benchmark:
2.2% vs 0.1%

What Little Bangkok said about our services

We are extremely pleased with the performance of Gr8 Services in helping our business grow.

They understand my brand and know my customers well.

Poon Haemapun
Owner, Little Bangkok & Culex Hospitality Group