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Dr. Sanjay Parashar


Dr. Sanjay Parashar is a leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Dubai. Dr. Sanjay had a professional website that was created by an agency based in USA which specializes in websites for healthcare professionals and organizations. Dr. Sanjay was also doing SEO on this website via an agency in India. However, he was getting almost no leads from this website and the SEO efforts.

Since we were doing already SEO for his business website and delivering great results, he decided to shift the SEO for his professional website to us too.

  • We analyzed the existing website in detail and ascertained that the design of the website was not user-friendly. The navigation structure was cumbersome, there were many broken links, content was inadequate, and mobile responsiveness was poor. The team also did not have access to the website back-end as the US-based agency would not share the credentials. That being the case, we had no option but to create a new website as a starting point.
  • For the design and development of the new website, we took into consideration the best practices and principles of website design, conversion architecture, load speed, and all other relevant factors which would have impact on the SEO results. Having completed the website, we commenced SEO wef Feb 2018.
  • While the website was under development, we carefully chose the SEO keywords after in-depth research. We also had insights from the PPC campaigns for the business website of Dr. Sanjay and used the search terms from there too to build the final list of keywords, which would drive the desired traffic.
  • Simultaneously with the website development, we also worked on a content strategy for the core services. We wrote detailed technical content for each of the core services incorporating the finalized SEO keywords in an appropriate manner, without any element of keyword stuffing.
  • Since we wanted to track the full impact of the SEO and the new website, we obviously implemented Google Analytics and detailed conversion tracking.

At the time of taking baseline rankings on commencement of SEO, we had just 1 out of the 30 chosen keywords on Page 1 of Google, and 11 keywords were either not ranked at all or ranked beyond Page 5/ Position 50 of the search results.

Within 3 months of SEO commencement, we had 11 keywords ranked on Page 1 and within 12 months, we had 17 keywords on Page 1.

Improvement in rankings is not the main KPI of SEO performance. Growth in organic traffic and conversions are the true indicators of SEO results.

Here too, the results were noteworthy.

Growth in average monthly Organic Traffic over 12 months:
160% or 2.6X
Growth in average monthly Organic Conversions over 12 months:
596% or 7X

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What Dr. Sanjay’s team said about our services

We have been working with Pooja and Arif from the Gr8 Services team since 2016. We started working with them for SEO for one of our sites – and today they help us with SEO, Google PPC and website content for almost all our business. The biggest thing they bring on the table is the enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I really appreciate the insights and advise they provide. The value they add to Cocoona is superior and above all the marketing partners we work and have worked with.

I would not even blink before recommending them.

Ashutosh Gupta
Marketing & Sales Head, Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation (Dr. Sanjay’s clinic)