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LUMA AI – Dream Machine

LUMA AI – Dream Machine

The AI industry’s pace is unbelievable, a few weeks ago, SORA impressed us, but they did not give access to the public. Last week KLING was announced, and their video outputs seemed better than SORA, but they gave access only in China.
And now, Luma Labs just launched the Dream Machine, https://lumalabs.ai/dream-machine , a new AI model that can generate high-quality, realistic 5-second video clips from text and image prompts — and is already available to the public, unlike OpenAI’s Sora and Kling. The tool launched with a free plan offering 30 video generations, with a paid tier extending to 2,000 outputs per month.
Sometimes, I wonder if it is really worth keeping up with all these changes? ????

Next, here’s a simple and free tool to help you get a good brand name for a new product:

From a MEDIA perspective, it is interesting to know that TikTok has introduced Image search capabilities in TikTok Shop for the US and South-East Asia users. Say you’re at a restaurant and really like the plate you’re served on, you could open up the TikTok app and snap a picture of it to find similar items available for purchase on TikTok Shop. Or say you’re online shopping and find a top you like that’s too expensive, you could save the image and then upload it to find something similar with a cheaper price tag, sounds interesting, right? ????
Google has to defend its position from multiple attacks now. Interesting battle ahead.

And finally, Elon Musk said that the rise of AI will make all jobs ‘optional’, with the combination of AI and robots providing ‘any goods and services you want’.
Read it here: https://edition.cnn.com/2024/05/23/tech/elon-musk-ai-your-job/
Makes me wonder where we are heading ????????????, where do you think all this development will take us?

Till next week, enjoy!

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