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ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free

ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free

This week, let me start with a good tip for making consistent small cartoon videos. ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free on Hugging Face, that allows you to do it.
The simple steps are:
1. Go to – https://huggingface.co/spaces/Doubiiu/tooncrafter
2. Upload two keyframe images (a starting and an ending one). For better results, these images should be of the same character or scene with slight variations.
3. Describe the action in the prompt field.
4. Adjust settings to your liking and click “Generate” to create your video. Get consistent short videos from just two keyframe images.

NEWS: The Paris Olympics kick off on July 26th and for the first time AI is going to be used to by the IOC to expunge hateful social media posts aimed at the athletes. So all of us will see AI in action, but in the background.

Convert Old B&W Photos to Coloured Ones
All of us have these old pictures tucked in some drawer or old computer file, now’s the time to get them out and have a go at seeing them in a coloured format.
Follow these simple steps:
• Log into Canva, Click on apps and then select AI-powered.
• Search for ‘colorize’ and select it.
• Choose use in new design option from the pop-up window.
• Select the size of your image accordingly.
• Upload your greyscale or black and white image.
• Click on colorize image and wait for a few seconds.
Enjoy and share these old and new pictures!

Finally, for today, here are some prompts to help with your self-learning goals:
1. Pareto Principle: Act as a learning strategist using the 80/20 principle to accelerate learning in [subject or skill]. Identify the 20% of [concepts or activities] that will yield 80% of the results, and provide strategies for focusing on these high-impact areas. Include tips for identifying key areas and maximizing efficiency.
2. Spaced Repetition: Act as a memory retention expert using the spaced repetition technique and help me design a repetition schedule to learn [subject/topic]. Provide a detailed plan for incorporating this technique into a daily study routine, including recommended tools and scheduling tips.
3. Interleaving Technique: Act as a study planner and help me design an interleaved study plan for [specific topic]. Mix different subjects and skills within [subject area]. Identify the main subtopics, suggest a weekly schedule, and include strategies for alternating between these subtopics to maximize retention and understanding.
4. Active Learning: Act as a learning coach to incorporate active learning strategies into studying [subject or topic]. Provide specific examples of activities such as problem-solving, discussion, teaching others, and applying concepts in practical scenarios. Craft questions that encourage critical thinking and application of knowledge to get a deeper understanding of [topic/subject]
5. Feynman Technique: Act as a learning coach and help me use the Feynman Technique to master [specific topic]. Guide me in breaking down the topic, teaching it simply, identifying gaps, and refining my understanding. Provide an example of applying this technique to a concept within the topic.

I hope that’s useful … see you all next week.
Bye for now!

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