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Styled with Moto – Razr50

Styled with Moto – Razr50

Unlike for Toys-r-us, this time it could wait till Tuesday … Motorola launched its ‘Styled By Moto’ ad campaign, an entirely AI-generated fashion spot promoting its new line of Razr folding smartphones — created using nine different AI tools, including Sora and Midjourney. Watch it here:
So, now we have two big brands using AI generated videos for the communication goals.
The avalanche will soon start, are you ready for it?

Text to Video tools are improving efficiencies every day, this week Runway released its version 3 to the people and its demo reel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nByslCkykj8) was very impressive. All eyes are now on SORA.

Here’s a useful tip for Perplexity users: Search using the FOCUS feature
Once you are logged on to Perplexity, click on the ‘Focus’ option under the search bar.
Choose a category from the options (i.e. All, Academic, Writing, Wolfram|Alpha, YouTube, and Reddit).
Write your search prompt and press enter. You’ll get your category-focused search results within seconds. You can change and adjust the category as required for different search results.

For planners and users of TikTok, have you tried their AI enabled Symphony? It helps brands and creators produce content more efficiently on the platform — including digital avatars, translation tools, an AI assistant, and more. Read more here:
Symphony Assistant is now available globally in TikTok Creative Center, and as an add-on within Adobe Express, Adobe’s go-to tool for digital content creation and collaboration.
Symphony Assistant currently supports English, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, and Chinese, with more languages to come in the future.

And here’s the MEGA tip of this week’s blog:
Before going for your walk, or enjoying the quiet sunset, Enable “Background Conversations” in the ChatGPT app settings.
Now use this prompt:
“I want to try an exercise where I turn my spoken thoughts into a well written text. I will start speaking, and you should listen carefully. If I pause for long, just say the word ‘continue’. Once I say ‘Finished’, I want you to scribe my thoughts into a well written text, then summarize the main points and extract any action items from this conversation.”
Then start speaking, mention what you want, in no particular order, staying on a topic is helpful, and say ‘finished’ when all your thoughts on that topic are completed.
Now enjoy the structured response from ChatGPT. You will definitely be ready for your next meeting! ????

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog, do let me know.
Till next week ????

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