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Perplexity has launched a new feature

Perplexity has launched a new feature

Let’s start with Perplexity, one of my favourite Search/Answer/Task engine.
Perplexity has launched a new feature called PAGES that will generate a customizable webpage based on user prompts. It is like getting a report in the format you desire. So now you can do all your research therein and get it in a ready to email/present form.

But please note, early users say that Pages does the surface-level googling and writing for you, but it isn’t research. It does not go deep, and you will have to add value as the Human in ensuring that the research is good. Remember my company’s tag line – Embrace Digital. Stay Human. Nevertheless, life is getting easy ????

PS: Perplexity is facing charges of stealing content!! It is a question of not properly attributing the content to the source. I hope they solve this issue quickly.

Sora meet KLING, the new text-to-video AI model capable of generating high-quality videos up to 2 minutes long with outputs. It gives better results and longer videos. Get ready to witness another big fight for video dominance. Right now, it is only available in China … see the superb demos here: https://kling.kuaishou.com/

Watch the movie that rewrites itself
The film uses generative AI to shuffle between scenes, music, and order so that no two viewings are ever the same. AI is just getting more and more amazing, enjoy:

AI could also mean Apple Intelligence ????
Apple is set to introduce its AI initiatives under the brand name “Apple Intelligence” in iOS 18 and other operating systems, focusing on daily life enhancements rather than creative tasks. Features will include AI-generated notification summaries, rich auto-replies in Messages and Mail, intelligent email categorization, an emoji creator, AI-powered photo editing, and transcriptions in Voice Memos.
So, Artificial Intelligence or Apple Intelligence?

Bye for now, more next week.

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