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Midjourney – Roman Empire: Restored Footage concept

Midjourney – Roman Empire: Restored Footage concept

Let’s start with something very very interesting.

Like some of us, other avid AI users combine various tools to create magical moments. This creator used Midjourney to first create some images and then used those images with Luma’s AI Dream Machine to create a superb 48-second Roman Empire Restored footage which is getting a lot of rave comments, enjoy:

On the topic of Midjourney – To create CONSISTENT characters across multiple images, a simple character reference feature can now be used. For those who want to try it, follow these steps:
1. Upload a reference image of your character on Midjourney’s Discord.
2. Right-click the image and copy its link
3. Add the link to your prompt using the “–cref URL” parameter.
4. Adjust the reference strength using “–cw” followed by a value from 0 to 100 (optional)
5. Generate images featuring your consistent character in different scenarios and styles!
Example prompt: “Realistic Street style photo of a young female model –cref https://www…”

Finally, for today, here’s a handy tip – Sometimes, you want to find the exact clip from the movie, TV shows or songs and need it in a hurry, go to https://getyarn.io/
Just type in what you are looking for and get the clip.

Hope you guys liked this post, do let me know.

Adios till next week.

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