Digital Marketing & Advertising in Iran

Why should you be considering Iran as your next growth opportunity? What is different about marketing in Iran?

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Iranian Economy

Consider these facts…IRAN has the …

  • 2nd largest economy in MENA region, after Saudi Arabia
  • 2nd largest population too, after Egypt
  • 2nd largest Natural Gas reserves in the world
  • 4th largest proven Crude Oil reserves in the world

With a total population in excess of 80 million, and a large highly educated population, Iran has immense potential to be your next growth opportunity after the recent lifting of sanctions against the country. In an increasingly business – oriented environment, real GDP is projected to grow more than 4% in 2016 and 2017.

In short, the Iranian market potential is just opening up.

Internet Advertising in Iran

There are certain challenges to marketing in Iran – such as

  • multiple levels of government restrictions,
  • low penetration of English language (Farsi/ Persian is the dominant language),
  • significant banking/ financial restrictions

But rest assured, we can handle those for you.  With our tie-ups with local businesses, we have solutions that can help you grow your business whilst dealing with the challenges.

Despite sanctions, Iran is No. 18 in world ranking for internet users – 40 million. With TV & media content being heavily censored, the internet is where Iranians go for content. That provides a major opportunity for digital marketing in Iran. This is despite the fact that digital restrictions also abound, making online marketing a challenge. For example, Google does not operate in Iran. But, once again, we have the penetration to help market your business digitally.

Call us, we have the know-how and resources to execute your plan for internet marketing in Iran effectively, and offer end-to-end solutions, including media planning, buying, translation, approvals & more. We’re your digital marketing agency for Iran.