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Al Nabooda Automobiles (via BizX)


Al Nabooda Automobiles is the distributor for Audi cars in Dubai.

They wanted to run a 1-month summer campaign to clear inventory of the previous year’s Audi Q7 SUV model before the new model arrived. To achieve that objective, we recommended using PPC Advertising, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, and Google Display Network Advertising.

The management set an aggressive target of 350 leads (from all sources combined) over the campaign duration of 1 month. A lead was defined as a person completing the form on the landing page registering their interest.

This digital marketing campaign was run by us under the aegis of BizX.

  • The total campaign budget was thoughtfully allocated across the 3 channels of Search, Social & Display based on the potential of each channel.
  • The ad creatives for the display campaigns were provided by the client and we wrote the ad copy that would inform the user about the key features of the car, highlight the offer, and encourage action to book a test drive/ request a call back.
  • Given the premium price of the car, we focused on interests, topics, keywords, and created in-market, affinity, and custom audiences that would be relevant to the potential target audience who could afford such a car. A second layer of filtration was added with device targeting, besides of course, the demographic criteria of age and gender.
  • Additionally, we routinely reviewed the placements/ sites/ apps where the ads were displayed, filtering out placements that weren’t performing, and adding/ trying new categories based on results.
  • All leads received were recorded directly in the client’s CRM system and we had conversion tracking implemented to know the total number of leads received.

The results from the display campaigns exceeded the already challenging goals that we had from the client of 350 leads.

Within the total goal of 350 leads from all sources, we had internally estimated 93 leads from the display campaigns.

We had the flexibility to shift budgets across channels based on performance, and noticing that the display campaigns were performing strongly, we shifted some spend from the other channels to display.

For a final display ad spend which was 8% above the original plan, we delivered 145 leads from the display campaigns, or 56% above plan.

Display Campaigns Recorded Leads - Actual vs Plan:
145 vs 93; or +56% (on total ad spend of +8% vs plan)
Cost per Lead (CPL) from Display Campaigns:
-31% vs plan
All Channels Recorded Leads - Actual vs Plan:
422 vs 350; or +20% (on total ad spend of -16% vs plan)

What BizX said about our services

Our experience with GR8 Services over the past year has been exceptional. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround times have proved invaluable to our business, and have helped us manage our stakeholder relationships very efficiently. We look forward to growing our relationship with GR8 moving forward, and would recommend them to any business looking for a boost in their digital marketing requirements.

Tauseef Anwar
Managing Director, BizX Middle East

Has worked with us for multi-channel digital marketing campaigns for various clients