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Cocoona is a top plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic in Dubai.

In order to boost demand for liposuction surgeries, Cocoona wanted to do a new campaign. We were already running search ads for liposuction and via SEO, we also had high organic ranking for core liposuction related keywords. Cocoona was also promoting liposuction via their social media. All these channels directed to their liposuction landing page on the website, which gave full information to the visitor regarding the surgery, risks, recovery, etc.

However, the management wanted to do even more and gain a higher market share for liposuction surgeries.

  • Since we already had an active and effective presence on all key digital channels – search, social and SEO, we brainstormed on what we could do differently and get results. We decided that we would create a new page for liposuction with content written from a different perspective, where we would tell a story that could connect with our target audience.
  • We created the campaign theme of “I Won By Losing Inches”, and this was adapted to various other tag lines like “I Won Confidence By Losing Inches”, or ” I Won Smiles and Compliments By Losing Inches”. The theme was simple, yet campaignable and effective.
  • Since our campaign theme was in first person, i.e. from the user’s perspective, we decided we would adopt a different content style for the landing page, which was unique in the medical field, where the entire page content would be written from the patient’s perspective, and would therefore be in first person too.
  • So, we wrote the whole customer journey as a story/ narrative by a Cocoona patient – starting from what was the objective, why liposuction was chosen as the option for body contouring, why Cocoona was chosen, the experience before, during, and after surgery, and the results obtained, and ending with the reinforcement of why Cocoona was the right choice and why it should be everyone else’s too.
  • We adapted and edited stock video footage to create a video to resonate the mood that we wanted and that would appeal to both men and women. This became the header for the new landing page (see details in “Content Pieces” section below).
  • To promote the campaign and the “story”, we then wrote new search ads incorporating the message of “winning by losing”; we created Google display ads, and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat image and video ads all around the same theme and imagery. These were then promoted on all these channels and the results started pouring in.

The campaign turned out to be a huge success.

Over a 6 month period from Feb 2019 to Jul 2019, conversion rates from the new landing page/ campaign/ ads for search ads were 60% higher than the previous liposuction campaigns.

The multi-channel coverage over Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat resulted in widespread awareness of the liposuction packages being offered by Cocoona. The ad creatives generated great recall, and the Cocoona team was told by many clients that the ads seen on social media/ Google resulted in them contacting Cocoona to book the consultation.

Despite the fact that the new liposuction package prices for Cocoona were at least 30% higher than the market average, the campaign resulted in a steady flow of leads that delighted the client. Liposuction surgeries during the period increased by over 50%.

Improvement in PPC Conversion Rate (CVR):
Increase in Liposuction Surgeries:
Content Pieces

Landing Page Header Video/ Social Media Video Ad

Google Display Ads/ Social Media Image Ads

Landing Page Content Writing, Design & Development

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What Cocoona said about our services

We have been working with Pooja and Arif from the Gr8 Services team since 2016. We started working with them for SEO for one of our sites – and today they help us with SEO, Google PPC and website content for almost all our business. The biggest thing they bring on the table is the enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I really appreciate the insights and advise they provide. The value they add to Cocoona is superior and above all the marketing partners we work and have worked with.

I would not even blink before recommending them.

Ashutosh Gupta
Marketing & Sales Head, Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation