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photography and videography services dubai

With a keen eye,

and the latest equipment, we ensure our clients get high quality photoshoots and video shoots at affordable prices.

Looking for a professional photographer and videographer? We have experience in all types of event and corporate photography and videography.

From corporate photo shoots to product photography to event videography – we do everything. We also undertake video production for YouTube/ social media ads, including 2D animation. We also create the storyboard, write the copy and captions.

Our photography and videography services

Some of our photography and videography services include:

  • Architectural photography / videography
  • Brochure photography / videography
  • Corporate photography / videography
  • Event photography / videography
  • Food photography / videography
  • Fashion photography / videography
  • Industrial photography / videography
  • Interior photography / videography
  • Product photography / videography
  • Real estate photography / videography
  • Restaurant photography / videography

We also do editing/retouching of your photos and videos.

So, if you are looking for a professional videographer or photographer for your next corporate event or requirement or looking for video ads production for social media or YouTube advertising, do get in touch with us.

Have a look at some of our videography and photography works.

Some examples of our videography works
Some examples of our photography work

Corporate Photography

Event Photography

Food Photography

Product Photography

Real Estate Photography

Besides photography and videography services, we also provide the full range of digital marketing services.

Explore our range of digital marketing services
Ask Questions to Photography and Videography Services Company in Dubai

Is videography allowed in Dubai?

Yes, videography is allowed in Dubai, but certain locations may require permits or permissions. To ensure compliance and quality, consider hiring local videography services familiar with the region’s regulations and guidelines.


Can a photographer do videography?

Certainly, many photographers expand their skill set to include videography. If seeking professional results in both domains, it’s wise to consult with videography services that offer a comprehensive approach to visual content creation.


Why do photographers cost so much?

Photographers invest in high-quality equipment, continuous training, and often spend hours post-processing, making their expertise valuable. The pricing reflects the quality and expertise brought by professional photography services to capture moments impeccably.


How to hire a video production company in Dubai?

To hire a video production company in Dubai, research reputable firms with strong portfolios in the region and seek client testimonials. Engaging with a local video production company ensures understanding of regional nuances and top-tier results.


Why hire a video production company?

Hiring a video production company ensures professionally crafted, high-quality content tailored to your brand’s message and audience. Their expertise in storytelling and technical proficiency elevates the impact of your visual narrative.

Gr8 Services – Agency of WSI

We, Gr8 Services, based in JLT, Dubai, are the agency of WSI for the UAE and the larger GCC region. Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI is the world’s oldest and largest digital marketing agency with 1000+ offices across 80+ countries.

WSI has the largest global footprint of any Google partner, and has global alliances with the who’s-who in the world of digital marketing. WSI has pioneered innovative methodologies for marketing success in today’s digital world and has thrived on the performance and results delivered. A spate of global awards are the recognition of those results – including the Top Agency Award by WMA (Web Marketing Association) for 2019 & 2020.

WSI always customizes their digital strategies to the specific needs of their clients and spends time and effort understanding the client’s business. With WSI, you get the benefit of global experience that is adapted to the local markets. WSI’s promise is that we will never recommend a marketing service that does not contribute to your business growth.