Social Media Management

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It’s the only way to stand out on social media and appeal to your customers, making them want to communicate back with you.

Evaluated on the basis of social media marketing success and revenue growth for our clients from our social media efforts, we are among the top social media marketing agencies in Dubai.

Get in touch today for marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or LinkedIn – ensure that you make your presence felt on social networks!
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Facebook Marketing

Did you know that 70% of Marketers use Facebook marketing to gain new customers? Are you part of that 70%?

Effective Facebook Marketing can help you generate more business while building a relationship with your consumers – and we can help you do that! High quality imagery, relevant content and interesting presentation is what we promise!

Case in point:
In just 12 months, we doubled the following and quadrupled the interaction of Little Bangkok – a Thai Restaurant chain in Dubai – through effective Facebook Advertising management – all ultimately resulting in significant additional revenue growth for the brand with high awareness levels ! Check out the case study here.

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LinkedIn Marketing

An entire database of potential customers, ready for you to tap into? That’s LinkedIn for you!

It’s one of the most effective platforms for getting your brand noticed, and generating high-quality leads. There is no better place to pitch your business! And with our effective approach, Gr8 Services can cultivate a list of qualified prospects for you!

And if you want to master the art of LinkedIn Marketing, contact us to know more about WSI’s world-renowned and proven training course ‘Social Selling’!
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Reputation Management

Do you have trouble keeping track of online mentions of your brand – positive or negative?

We, at Gr8 Services, are experts at ‘social listening’ – keeping an ear out for what’s being mentioned online about your brand and managing the responses effectively!

This is what online reputation management is about, and something that every growing business should be optimized for. Let us fulfil your reputation management needs – letting you concentrate on improving the services you offer!
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YouTube Advertising

Not just the world’s largest video sharing site – YouTube is also the world’s 2nd largest search engine! Is YOUR brand taking advantage of it?

YouTube users spent 1 billion minutes watching the top ads of 2014 – get in touch with us now for your share of that time through powerful YouTube advertising.

Gr8 Services conducts effective YouTube campaigns to help YOUR brand reach millions of potential customers. So whether its display, In-Stream TrueView, or YouTube search ads, we can launch your brand on YouTube!
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Instagram Marketing

Are you aware that the average engagement rate on Instagram is 47 times higher than that of Twitter? Or how about the fact that the engagement rate is 15 times higher than on Facebook?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the digital sphere, and if YOU do not move quickly to take advantage of it, your business could be left behind. At Gr8 Services, we are experts in building a community of interested individuals around your brand – increasing your visibility and helping grow your business!

Get in touch with us today for a customised Instagram strategy that will focus on growing your business and following!

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