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Prompt Engineering Strategies and More

Prompt Engineering Strategies and More

It is Tuesday again, so as promised here are some titbits about AI.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.

Let me start with a useful resource: The ChatGPT maker released a prompt engineering guide with strategies to get the most out of your prompts. Some of the most valuable strategies from the guide include:

  • Include details in your prompt
  • Split complex tasks into simpler subtasks
  • Specify the steps needed to complete the task
  • Instruct ChatGPT to think through the answer slowly
  • Provide examples and specify length of the desired answer

You can find the full list of prompt engineering, along with specific examples here:



Next, use this prompt to understand the Customer Buying Behaviour:


Describe the key factors influencing customer purchasing decisions for {product or service type} in the {industry}.

Here are some details that will help you frame a better reply:

  • Product or service type:
  • Industry segment or niche:
  • Availability of recent market research or surveys:
  • Customer personas or demographics of interest:
  • Objectives for understanding purchasing factors:
  • Awareness of industry-specific trends:
  • Competitors or market leaders for analysis:

PS: You can try this prompt on any of the AI chats that you use.


Finally, for some lighthearted fun: If you are bored and want to explore a unique AI…

  • Go to Hume’s demo https://demo.hume.ai/
  • Press start conversation and enable mic access.
  • Say anything you like and start a conversation.
  • Hear the AI talk back and display your tone and emotional state.
  • Ideally do not share any sensitive information, but otherwise it is fun to enjoy for a bit.


More next week, bye for now, hope this is useful to you, do let me know.

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