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OpenAI vs Google: AI Battle Intensifies and More

OpenAI vs Google: AI Battle Intensifies and More

The big fight is postponed … OpenAI vs Google continue their shadow match. Last week’s biggest rumour was that ChatGPT would launch a new AI driven Search engine to fight Google, but then Sam Altman said they are not launching a Search engine, but announcing some ChatGPT and GPT-4 advancements, which feels like magic to him.

So, last night, OpenAI launched GPT4o (four ‘O’). It is better than GPT 4-Turbo, faster, it has Audio and Video inputs, and best of all it is FREE for all.

The demo for its Video and Audio abilities was quite entertaining and insightful, you can get see it on youtube. I have placed the link at the end of this blog.

In our life now, change is the only constant.

Enjoy the new GPT 4o, till GPT-5 comes … the saga will continue.


Now, for those of you who use a lot of Excel … you will love this tip.

Try out this coolest GPT and have your mind blown by all the things you didn’t realise ChatGPT could do …

Excel GPT simplifies Excel tasks, offering clear guidance and advanced data analysis. It provides helpful insights and easy-to-use, downloadable files for a great experience.

This will make your life easy and save you tons of time. Try it here:


Once you start using this, you will not go back to analysing the traditional Excel way.

Remember to thank me for it 😊


Is this AI generated or not?

That’s a question that often crosses our mind, it can now be answered by:


I cannot vouch for its accuracy but its worth experimenting with. Try it and share your thoughts so that we all can get an idea of its success.


Finally, for today, If you have teenagers in your family, please read this …

Teens are increasingly turning to AI for friendship and advice, especially on platforms like Character AI, where they can interact with diverse personas for hours each day. These AI interactions can offer comfort during tough times, but there’s uncertainty about the long-term effects on mental health, including potential for misdiagnoses and reduced real-life socializing.

46% of GenZ respondents said they’d become more interested in a brand that uses an AI influencer to market its products, this Gen Z’s openness to AI is shaping their future interactions with technology, making them more adaptable but potentially more vulnerable to its risks. As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, careful consideration is needed to protect young users.

So, keep your eyes open!


As mentioned above, here’s the link to the GPT-4o launch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQacCB9tDaw


That’s’ it for now, hope you like the short blog, till next time!

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