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Midjourney Prompts for High-Quality Photos and More

Midjourney Prompts for High-Quality Photos and More

As promised, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI for all to enjoy.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.

Today, I will share some prompts that you guys might find useful: The first 3 are for Midjourney, followed by 3 for ChatGPT:

  1. For high-quality artistic photographs of a product, jump into Midjourney and try using this prompt:

Red lipstick exploding, dark background, product photography, ultra realistic –c 10

  1. To create hyper-realistic beautiful landscape shots in Midjourney, try the prompt below:

Alaskan forest shot with Nikon D850 and Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens, natural light, style of National Geographic

  1. If you are working on developing a UI/UX design for a landing page, Midjourney can help you.

Try this prompt below:

UI Design of a Real Estate Agency, Landing page, Modern, Classy, Minimalistic, Trending Blue Colour Palette on Dribble, High Resolution — ar 4:3 — v 5

You can customize these prompts by changing the type of product, scene, business, the webpage you want to develop, the colour schemes and the aesthetics.

Now the ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Understanding your ideal customer’s journey in choosing your product is key when crafting a marketing strategy. Try this prompt below:

I want to create and launch [product] called [name]. Apply the “hook model” by Nir Eyal to explain the customer journey in purchasing the [product].

  1. Describe the key steps [customer type] goes through when interacting with [your product/service] from initial awareness to becoming a loyal customer. For each step, note the customer’s emotions, pain points, questions, and goals. Also note opportunities for improving the experience.
  2. Now that ChatGPT can search the internet, ask it to automate research-heavy tasks for you.

Note: Enable browsing by updating to the latest ChatGPT version, then navigate to Settings → Beta Features → toggle on Browse with Bing.

CREATE DATA VISUALIZATIONS: Prompt: “Find data on the latest electric vehicle sales by brand and create an infographic summarizing the key trends.”

GENERATE SUMMARIES: Prompt: “Search for the most recent research on the benefits of remote work and summarize the top 5 findings in bullet points.”

COMPOSE REPORTS: Prompt: “Pull the most up-to-date e-commerce revenue statistics and write a one-page report on the growth of online shopping.”

OUTLINE TRENDS: Prompt: “Search for the top education technology trends and outline ideas for implementing them at my school.”

By accessing real-time information, ChatGPT can now produce outputs that would previously require tons of manual research. Try some of the examples above and see the impact.


Hope these tips are useful to you, do let me know.


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