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Lumiere: New AI Model for Video Generation and More

Lumiere: New AI Model for Video Generation and More

As promised last week, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI and of course our industry for all to enjoy. I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.

To start let me share this amazing news from Google about Lumiere, a new AI model for Video generation. It is quite a game changer in the Video generation battle amongst the AI apps.

Watch the details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ThAzZs32M

Read the info here: https://lumiere-video.github.io/

Experts are watching with high expectations, and sure enough our industry is going to get affected big time.

Second, an interesting Chrome Extension to use is the “ChatHub”, it’s an all-in-one chatbot client. It allows you to use your prompts on multiple chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Claude, etc., and splits your screen into 4 – 6 sections so that you can see their responses at the same time. It will allow you to use the best answers across the various chatbots and improves your work efficiency. Try it, it is worth your time 😉

Finally, I’m sure many of you Media guys must be aware that Google’s AI is being introduced to make e-comm Search Ads easier and better to handle. Well, it is on our doorstep now, to quote Google’s VP, Shashi Thakur, “Beta access to the conversational experience in Google Ads is now fully available to English language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K. It will begin rolling out globally to all English language advertisers over the next few weeks.”

Are you ready for it? To know more, read https://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/put-google-ai-to-work-with-search-ads/

If you guys find this useful, let me know and more will follow next week.


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