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Convert Text to Voice with AI and More

Convert Text to Voice with AI and More

As promised, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI for all to enjoy.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.

Ladies this one has something special for you.

Today, I will share some creative AI stuff that you guys might find enjoyable and useful.

First: Convert Text to Voice with AI – a two minute process!

Visit Eleven Labs AI (https://elevenlabs.io/).

Choose any one of the 29 languages for your audio.

Write the prompt, choose the voice, and hit generate.

And presto, its ready for downloading and use.

This can be used to quickly churn out a voice-over, or in your presentations, etc.

The two attached voice files took me less than 5 minutes to produce.


Second: Generate Different Characters with the Same Face!

Visit Rendernet AI (https://rendernet.ai/app/text-to-image)

Upload an image of the person you want to use, ideally it should be a front facing photo.

Start by prompting what you want to see – example: “An Air Force pilot sitting in the cockpit awaiting the final approval for take-off”.

Hit Generate and its done, ready to download, and use as needed.

So, you can have the same face character in different scenarios. Bye-bye photo-shoots!


And the Third topic is aimed at all the fantastic Career Women on this chat!

Femularity (https://femularity.ai/) is a collaborative mastermind community to forge deep connections, built for women who love AI. At Femularity, you’ll find:

  • A circle of visionary women to inspire you
  • A safe, respectful space to share your dreams
  • Monthly symposiums with the brightest for continuous learning

Join powerful women succeeding in the age of AI.  Secure your Founder’s Rate by February 15th before it’s gone for good.



Hope you enjoyed this short blog, let me know. An indication will be appreciated.

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