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ChatGPT’s New Memory Feature and More

ChatGPT’s New Memory Feature and More

As promised, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI for all to enjoy.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.


Let me start with simple and very useful tips for ChatGPT users:

#1 – How to use ChatGPT’s new memory feature

The new “memory“ feature enables ChatGPT to build up context and memory about YOUR preferences based on prior chats, and in turn give you answers tailored to YOUR preferences. The feature will let users tell ChatGPT to remember certain instructions for the future.

For example, you may prefer bullet points to long paragraphs. You’ll simply be able to instruct ChatGPT to give you answers formatted as bullet points the next time you ask it a question.

To set this up, just log in, go to Settings, then Personalization.

Click on the Memory button. You can turn it on to use the memory feature.

You can now go back to the chat window and insert any instruction you’d like ChatGPT to remember.

Note: This feature is currently being rolled out to a select number of users. If you can’t find the memory feature in your settings, check back in a few days. 😊

Sample prompt instructions:

Format: Always use bullet points/numbered lists/ short sentences when I ask for a summary.

Role: I am an [insert your profession]. Tailor all your answers to my role.

Company/Industry: I work at [describe company or industry]. Tailor all your answers to my company.

Constraints: I am a professor and I teach 60-minute classes. When I prompt you for a lesson plan, give me lesson plans that can be taught in under 60 minutes.


#2 – This one is for FUN:

ChatGPT can now easily convert a .mp4 video file to a GIF by reading, extracting, and converting frames using Code Interpreter.

Easy to follow steps are:

  1. Go to ChatGPT and create a new chat.
  2. Upload your .mp4 video and prompt ChatGPT to convert it to a GIF using the prompt: Convert to gif
  3. Download the GIF file provided by ChatGPT.

Bonus tip: You can ask ChatGPT to slow down or speed up the GIF based on the output. For example, try prompting ChatGPT to “slow down the gif by 30%”.

# 3 – For Digital Marketers, an extremely useful tip to find pages whose CTRs can be improved by tweaking the title tags:

  1. Head to your Google Search Console account and open the “Search results” tab.
  2. Export your data in a CSV file— showing the website URLs, average positions, and CTRs.
  3. Upload this file to AI and ask it to find URLs that have lower-than expected CTRs based on their average position.

After getting a list of such pages, you can think of ideas for spicing up their title tags.

For instance, you could make them sound more engaging and optimize them for search intent.

This can make a big difference!

Use this prompt:

You are an SEO, expert at analyzing search performance and maximizing engagement within SERPs. Which of the following pages has lower-than expected CTRs based on their average search position?

Note: Remember that AI can hallucinate, so please check the results before taking them to be gospels. 😊

And finally, one sobering viewpoint from Sam Altman that SHOULD concern all of us in this group:

“AI Will Handle “95%” of Marketing Work Done by Agencies and Creatives”


Read the details here:



Hope these tips are useful to you, do let me know.

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