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ChatGPT Prompts for Job Search and More

ChatGPT Prompts for Job Search and More

Eid Mubarak to all.

Today in lieu of Eidi, here are some simple but very useful tips for people searching for jobs.

ChatGPT Prompts to Help with Your Next Job Search


1. Keep your resume ATS (applicant tracking system)-friendly:


Review and edit my current resume, focusing on enhancing the clarity and impact of my experience in [Industry/Field]. Strengthen the language to better showcase my achievements, particularly in [Specific Roles or Projects], and ensure the layout is ATS-friendly. Adjust the skills section better to reflect the requirements of [Job Title].

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can guardrails like length (1 page maximum) or tone (professional).

2. Company research:


I have an interview with [company] for the position of [job position]. Analyze the company’s website [website link] and give me a summary of the work they do.

3. Generate a cover letter:


[Insert job description] Write a cover letter for the role of [insert role] at [insert company], highlighting my experience with respect to the most important qualifications in the job description. Mention how my contributions at [insert previous company] will be a great addition to the [insert company].

4. Interview preparation:


I am interviewing for the role of [insert role]. Give me a list of the most common questions asked in the interview for this role.

5. Introduction email:


Write an introduction about myself in less than 150 words focusing on my experiences in [insert job field] for the [insert job title] at [insert company].

6. Salary negotiation:


I am a job seeker with [x] years of experience in [field]. I am applying for the role of [job role]. What are important factors to consider while negotiating my salary?


If this helps you get the job you desired, then “Pass-it-on” and share these tips with others too.

I hope this Eid brings happiness and success to you and your loved ones – Eid Mubarak again.


PS: Two bits of interesting AI news …

  1. Perplexity, the Generative AI search engine competing with Google, plans to start selling ads soon.
  2. Google is thinking about adding new paid features to its AI driven search engine. The traditional Google search we all use will stay free.


Enjoy the holidays!

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