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Automate Research with ChatGPT and More

Automate Research with ChatGPT and More

As promised, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI for all to enjoy.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.


Today is a day for some more tips which you can use at work or for personal development

Tip #1: How to automate research with ChatGPT?


Go to ChatGPT and log in.

Search for Consensus in the Explore GPTs tab.

Now write the prompt for your research topic, example: “Which CTA colour buttons are most effective in driving sales?”

You’ll get a list of different sources on your research topic along with research paper links.

Now try it for your personal stuff like “Does Yoga help with weight reduction?” 😊


Tip #2: Easy and Quick Slogans


Need some slogans, visit here:


and get going super-fast.


Tip #3: Start using a new AI Search Engine



When compared to other search engines like Bing Chat and Google Search, Perplexity AI demonstrates unique advantages, such as its interactive AI search companion, Copilot, and its ability to provide more tailored search results. Perplexity focuses on minimizing linguistic ambiguity and enhancing coherence in conversations. The personalised search results that it provides is worth a try.


Tip #4: Use ChatGPT’s voice capabilities and custom GPTs to learn any language with your own personal tutor GPT. Follow these steps:


  1. Open ChatGPT on your phone and search for a language tutor GPT. There are many GPTs, start with the TereraAI Learn Language GPT.
  2. Prompt the GPT with the language you would like to learn and your experience level.
  3. The GPT will provide you with a list of options (e.g., vocabulary, phrases) for your lesson.
  4. Plug in your headphones and speak to learn your selected language.


Tip #5: Make Money


ElevenLabs introduced a new feature for voice actors to upload clones to the platform’s Voice Library, earning cash rewards each time the voice is used. We have some theatre actors in this group, here’s the chance for them to make some additional dirhams.


Hope these tips are useful to you, do let me know.

If you like this short blog, an indication will be appreciated.

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