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AI with Robotics: OpenAI and Figure01 and More

AI with Robotics: OpenAI and Figure01 and More

As promised, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI for all to enjoy.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.


Today, let me start with the expected merger of *AI with Robotics* This was always happening in the background, and two weeks ago it jumped right onto our face with OpenAI joining hands with Figure to start using AI with their robot, named Figure01.

For two weeks of collaboration, the results were stunning … Figure 01 shows off cutting-edge dexterity and movement, now combined with the advanced capabilities of a powerful multimodal AI. In simple words, it is amazing.

Watch the demo here:


Can you guess where this will take us in the coming months? I cannot even speculate!


Next is a tip to *Create music* with AI:

If you need some customised music of a personal song. Try the process below:

  • Sign up for Microsoft Copilot. It’s free.
  • Click on Plugins, and enable SUNO
  • Now go type the prompt for the type of song you want.

In a few seconds, it will generate a song with lyrics.

Hear the attached song I created in 3 minutes for this group, I asked Copilot to generate a song that mixes pop and rock music for the AMC group with Puja 😊as the lead. The prompt was:

“Make me an 8 line song for the fun AMC group based in Dubai. The music should be a mix of rock and pop music. The chorus should be catchy. Use the name PUJA in the lyrics, she leads the AMC group.”

Enjoy 😊



Another tip on *How to create presentations* in ChatGPT

In ChatGPT, find the Slide Creator GPT

In the chat, upload a pdf or word file with your notes on the topic.

You can also copy paste the notes.

Prompt Slide Creator to generate a presentation based on the document you have uploaded.

If you don’t have any notes, you can ask the GPT to generate slides on any topic of your choice from scratch.

Slide Creator will generate a deck based on your instructions.

Once you’re done, you can right click each slide to save the image or visit the link attached to the slide to download the entire deck.

Give it a shot.


And finally for today, I am attaching a detailed *EBook on ChatGPT & AI*.

This book is produced by us (WSI), and this is the 3rd edition. If you guys like it, please let me know and I will share the 4th edition with the interested people soon.


Hope these tips are useful to you, do let me know.

If you like this short blog, an indication will be appreciated.

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