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AI Video Competitor: LTX Studio and More

AI Video Competitor: LTX Studio and More

As promised, every Tuesday, I will share some titbits about AI for all to enjoy.

I will keep it concise, but if anybody needs more details, just DM me.


  1. In my Feb 20th blog, I had mentioned about Sora, and the impact that had made in the AI world for creative videos. Well now look out for its competitor https://ltx.studio/ For those interested in this aspect of the AI world, I would suggest that you get yourself wait-listed on its website, it promises a lot.

  1. Earlier this year, E-commerce platform Shopify launched a free AI image editor to help sellers create professional product photos without studios or pro photographers, alongside additional AI upgrades like semantic search in the company. If you have clients using Shopify, this link has the details.
  1. According to data from consulting firm Oliver Wyman, ChatGPT has reached mass adoption faster than other mainstream technologies in the past. Mass adoption is defined as 50% adoption in the US, according to the report, it took:

Electricity 37 years

Personal Computers 23 years

Internet 17 years

Smartphone 21 years

ChatGPT 10 months – yes, less than 1 year!

Things are changing, are you up to date?

  1. For a laugh, try out Goody-2, it’s a new chatbot that takes AI safety to the next level: It refuses every request, responding with a humorous explanation of how doing so might cause harm or breach ethical boundaries.
  1. I personally use ai for meeting notes. This allows me to get the transcript of the meeting, summary, and action items immediately. It also allows me to send this personal AI on my behalf to attend meetings which I cannot attend because of odd hours or other commitments. For people in this group who have such challenges, try using it.


That’s all for today, I hope these tips are useful to you, do let me know.

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