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AI in Advertising Ethics and More

AI in Advertising Ethics and More

I sincerely hope all of you are safe and by and large unaffected by the once-in-a-lifetime-storm.

Puja and Herman have displayed what it means to be a leader and support the community. Well done to all who contributed …. God Bless!

Now back to the Tuesday Thoughts on the AI world. Here are some titbits for all to enjoy. If anybody needs more details, just DM me.

Let’s start with a freakish ad: Have you seen that viral video making the rounds? It’s the one where a woman is talking about body odour in her car. Here’s an interesting twist: the woman, Ariel Marie, isn’t just any AI-generated character. She actually gave her consent for a company named Arcads to use her likeness in their AI video tool.

Arcads took it a step further by using this tool to create a commercial for hygiene wipes featuring an AI version of Ariel. It’s pretty fascinating technology, but Ariel’s involvement has also sparked a friendly debate about ethics and the fine line between reality and artificial creations in today’s world. It’s just another example of how quickly and curiously the world of AI is evolving!

Are you evolving with it?


Here’s a guide to making presentations easily:

Harness the power of Gemini in Google Slides to automatically generate slides, images, and text:

  1. Access Google Slides: First, navigate to Google Slides. You’ll need to either sign up for a new account or log in using your existing Gmail account.
  2. Start Fresh: Choose “Blank Presentation” to begin with a clean slate.
  3. Activate Gemini: Look for the Gemini icon in the upper right corner of the interface. Click it, describe what you want on your slide, and press Enter. Watch as your slide is magically created.
  4. Review and Adjust: If the slide meets your expectations, you can move on; otherwise, click “Insert” to make adjustments or generate a new slide.
  5. Customize Further: Need to tweak or add images? Simply click the Gemini icon again and provide a description of the image you want.

And there you go—enjoy creating dynamic presentations with Gemini in Google Slides!


And finally, for today, here are some amazing things you can do with ChatGPT…

ChatGPT is renowned for its ability to generate text and images, but it also excels in data analysis and visualization. Here’s how you can leverage ChatGPT to analyze and visualize data effectively:

Five Ways to Analyze Data with ChatGPT:

  1. Data Preparation: Uploading your spreadsheet to ChatGPT can save hours of manual data preparation. ChatGPT can clean, organize, and format your data efficiently.
    • Example Prompt: “Remove duplicates and missing values from this spreadsheet.”
    • Additional Capabilities: Convert data formats, rename columns, and find or replace values.
  2. Insight Extraction: ChatGPT can analyze your dataset to identify key trends, patterns, and anomalies, helping you gain deeper insights.
    • Example Prompt: “Analyze this data and summarize the key trends, patterns, and anomalies.”
  3. Data Manipulation: You can direct ChatGPT to filter and sort your data based on specific criteria.
    • Example Prompt: “Filter the data to include only rows where the age is greater than 25, then sort by salary.”
  4. Advanced Analysis: For more sophisticated needs, ChatGPT can perform complex analyses like geographical or time series analyses.
    • Example Prompt: “Analyze the time series data for store visits in every city and identify seasonal trends.”
  5. Data Visualization: ChatGPT can create a variety of visualizations to help you better understand your data.
    • Example Prompt: “Create a bar chart from the data in this spreadsheet [upload spreadsheet].”
    • Visualization Options: Box plots, area charts, heat maps, pie charts, correlation charts, radar charts, and more.

Important Note: This data analysis feature is available exclusively to paid ChatGPT subscribers. Remember not to upload sensitive or confidential information. We recommend anonymizing your data beforehand by removing personal identifiers such as email addresses.


More next week, bye for now, hope this is useful to you, do let me know.

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