Digital Marketing & Advertising in China

Have you considered advertising your business in China? What is different about marketing in China?

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Chinese Economy

Consider these facts…CHINA has …

  • The 2nd largest economy in the world
  • The largest population in the world
  • Recorded a surplus every year in their current account since 1994!!
  • Been acknowledged as the Manufacturing Hub of the world

More and more businesses from outside China are making inroads into marketing their products and services to the huge and affluent Chinese population

Internet Advertising in China

With 700 million plus savvy Internet users, it’s obvious there is tremendous digital marketing potential in China. However, there are challenges too, notably:

  • Government restrictions
  • Language barriers
  • Different search engines, social media, and video sharing sites vs. those in other countries – local competition to Google, Facebook, YouTube
  • Markedly different consumer behaviour and expectations

But, rest assured, we can help with all of that. With our ready tie-ups with businesses in China, we can handle all of these marketing challenges for you.

We can create Chinese language sites, get your domain registered, take care of your translation requirements, get necessary approvals, and more. We can also run your PPC campaigns on Baidu –  China’s dominant search engine with more than 80% share of all searches in China.

Get in touch with us for effective internet marketing in China – we have the resources to help you succeed.